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Now, you may want to skip this post. I have no pictures. All the pictures that were taken were taken by dolfyn because I was feeling like CRAP and forgot my camera.

So. In case y'all didn't know, I have known vikki for years. Ever since I betaed for her Weiß Kreuz work "Dream of Crimson," actually. Why I mention this is because Vikki was at AnimeFEST, just to meet me and Sarah. Already, good day. She was going to bring down a Hawkeye costume for me while she went as Winry (Hawkeye/Winry yuri, hee hee), but shit happened. So I didn't have a FMA costume, pout. But Sarah went as Ed, and Vikki went as Winry. The three of us roomed together, and we had FUN.

I didn't really buy that much FMA stuff. I bought two pencil boards, and a FMA surprise figurine. I got Hawkeye for the figure, by the way. Squee. But I bought the only dealer that had raw Japanese manga out of Psychic Academy. So, uh, if anyone was wanting any... Phbbt.

I was so very disappointed, though. Sarah and Vikki met Vic. I did not. There was a table selling FMA doujin. No Ed-tops-Roy, Hughes/Roy, or Roy/Riza. I wanted an NC-17 FMA doujin, just so I could flash my ID and say "Ha! I'm twenty, not fifteen-sixteen like most people say!" There was no FMA manga, no Death Note...

But I still came away with a haul. And with fic ideas, thank you very much Vikki. Spinny Roses will attempt to write more now!

And I will link pictures once Sarah uploads them.

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