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"If the Sins became human..."-questions,conjectures.

I've been asking myself a few questions on How things would be if-just if- a few Sins made it to become human beings (Anime!weird conjectures).

In-depth-ness behind cut.

First off-let's observe what ,say Lust, would want:
-To become human, right ?
...BUT becoming human implies:
-having parents.
-Having your very own original body with your own genetic codes.
Lust's current body is a relic of someone else's past. If-just if-the Philosopher's stone made her "human"..what would it make ? end up turning Lust as a foetus ? A baby ?...Then, what about the "parents" part ? Babies don't come out of nowhere
( yes, birds drop them, we all know that duh.)...
IF-she was into a foetus- would she be implanted in someone's body?
...If she was reborn as a sole individual-with her "own" body- that wouldn't be completely satisfying, would it?
Would she need to forget everyting in order to be satisfied at the moment she becomes "human" ?

That was for the physical part. What if "human" actually meant "completion of the soul" ? Ani!Wrath said that they were "a body and a psyche"-body and consciousness...So that'd mean she feels someowhat empty know there's somehing missing within her.

Okay, that wasn't even a theory-that was mixed-up thoughts. Anyone help? =D

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