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04 September 2004 @ 10:36 pm
Where's the brotherly love?  
Since my other topic got swamped by people going "this person will die NO NO I'LL KILL MYSELF AND TAKE BONES WITH ME," I hope no one minds if I make another one. ^^;
I've been thinking over the last few episodes of the anime, and realized that there's been a severe lack of brotherly love.
At first I was thrilled by Al going solo, but look at how that turned out. Ed and Al just aren't on the same level anymore. They haven't been sharing information. They're messing up each other's plans.
Ed has apparently put restoring their bodies on hold to go psycho Homonculus Hunter on us. Al is like "oh, these people just want to use me but I'll trust them anyway." Leaving Ed to go "D'oh! Al, WTF do you think you're doing? You used up half of the Philosopher's Stone!"
The thing is that Al might not have gone to seek Tucker's help if Ed just told him what he's planning and what's going on. Sure Al is in danger, but he has a right to know when anyone goes digging through his mother's grave. "Just sit there and be quiet," Ed says, "and I'll take care of everything because I'm the older brother."
Come on. You're only older by one year. Al isn't an idiot. They'd been doing fine when they were in things together, but recently they've been splitting apart, and frankly I'm worried.
This all started when Al became the Philosopher's Stone. They can't even touch each other now! And then they meet up with daddy. Just look at Ed's face when Al went camping with Hohenheim. He looked...abandoned. They can't agree on what to think of their father, and now they're mixed up about their Homonculus mother (so to speak). This isn't just a simple fight between siblings. Someone is going to get hurt if they don't get themselves straightened out.
Already we have a sort of casualty: Lust. I was screaming at Ed to go save her when she let out that screech, but nooooo, Ed was too busy getting Sloth out of Al's body.
Speaking of which, surprisingly I didn't sense very much angst during the Sloth fiasco, Bratja or no Bratja. Maybe it's because Sloth had little personality to begin with, but it all felt quite sudden.
Anyway, just some thoughts. Anyone agree/disagree?
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vejitto_vejitto_ on September 4th, 2004 10:17 pm (UTC)
Just my take (kinda long, sorry o,o):
Dunno, I hope someone noticed this too, but up to the point when Ed bumped into Al in the desert and Al actually saw the Gate, Al was pretty much like in the same mindset like he was at age 9-10. By this I mean the natural "younger brother admire older brother and seldom goes against him" thing. Younger looks upon older, it's okay. Funny thing, that Al never really got to that point in his life, when the younger grows up and partly separates from the older.
When the aforementioned bump happened, I think Al saw the Gate through this, and as he regained his real memories, he suddenly got older by that passed 4 years. He began to walk his own way, sort of, and while Ed's still a big part of his trains of thought (well, he did go to Tucker to help him use the stone, so he could help Ed), it doesn't really bother him to do things that somehow doesn't involve him (yay for mental insight >_> but daidoujisan explained it better).
On this note, the preview says 'Kaa-san... Taisa... Al... This is the road I've chosen'.

About information sharing... or rather, the lack of it... I just hate it. I understand Ed couldn't really go "Hey, Al, guess what, it's a part of our mother~" here, I can even say he might wanted to settle the whole Sloth thing myself so Al wouldn't get involved / be in a danger of getting caught / used, but he should have known Al won't sit this out even if he says so. Imho this is why Al didn't mention Tucker. Ed would only freak out and forbid him to go (like when Al wanted to clap). And Al would go anyway, because he wanted to know how to use the stone and help Ed.
The growing pile of problems and angst and changes doesn't help either (neither does whoever writes the storyline, because there are tooo many sudden, unforeseen changes that kicks the characters/plot around... I'm not exactly sure I like how things unfold).

Homonculus-hunter Ed... I always thought he was referring to only Sloth as the "thing we should settle before thinking about ourselves again" target. I mean, they loved their mother, they tried to resurrect her, and in the process they've made a "monster", and now they have the responsibility of sending back her to whence she came.

Lust... Coolness-rate and survival percent does not match. I was hopeful to the end that she might have been saved... but even Ed can't do two things at once. And sibling bickering apart, he would chose to "free" Al from Sloth over saving Lust (I wonder if he even heard her scream, it seemed like a different warehouse... or whatever).

Sloth... A drama that came too sudden, but I think it was okay. I don't blame Al for trying to cling to that hope that Sloth may be their mother; he's supposed to be the reasonable one, but we've seen how easily he can be deceived by other people (Barry, I mean). Guess he's just too trusting, and Sloth acted like Trisha, and he did want to believe (or maybe I'm just too much of an Al-fangirl o,o). Ed on the other hand is more rational. He saw Sloth back in Lior, and had a few days to think on what he should do, and realise what really is the case. Sloth wasn't really pulling the "good mother" with him, either.
I just... hope now that Sloth is gone, the things between Ed and Al will improve (despite preview), because if they don't work together, I don't see the point in the series. It's supposed to be about two brothers, not just Ed, right? *hopeful*
Cynthiacsakuras on September 4th, 2004 10:45 pm (UTC)
"Hey, Al, guess what, it's a part of our mother~"

That made me laugh. XD I know it's wrong, but I couldn't help it.
vejitto_vejitto_ on September 4th, 2004 11:01 pm (UTC)
Watching FMA made me switch back and forth from normal and morbid mode. Guess what was the first thing that flashed into my mind when Wrath slashed Lust...? "There can be only one."
._. I'm low. My friends who I watch FMA with want to lynch me XD