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04 September 2004 @ 10:36 pm
Where's the brotherly love?  
Since my other topic got swamped by people going "this person will die NO NO I'LL KILL MYSELF AND TAKE BONES WITH ME," I hope no one minds if I make another one. ^^;
I've been thinking over the last few episodes of the anime, and realized that there's been a severe lack of brotherly love.
At first I was thrilled by Al going solo, but look at how that turned out. Ed and Al just aren't on the same level anymore. They haven't been sharing information. They're messing up each other's plans.
Ed has apparently put restoring their bodies on hold to go psycho Homonculus Hunter on us. Al is like "oh, these people just want to use me but I'll trust them anyway." Leaving Ed to go "D'oh! Al, WTF do you think you're doing? You used up half of the Philosopher's Stone!"
The thing is that Al might not have gone to seek Tucker's help if Ed just told him what he's planning and what's going on. Sure Al is in danger, but he has a right to know when anyone goes digging through his mother's grave. "Just sit there and be quiet," Ed says, "and I'll take care of everything because I'm the older brother."
Come on. You're only older by one year. Al isn't an idiot. They'd been doing fine when they were in things together, but recently they've been splitting apart, and frankly I'm worried.
This all started when Al became the Philosopher's Stone. They can't even touch each other now! And then they meet up with daddy. Just look at Ed's face when Al went camping with Hohenheim. He looked...abandoned. They can't agree on what to think of their father, and now they're mixed up about their Homonculus mother (so to speak). This isn't just a simple fight between siblings. Someone is going to get hurt if they don't get themselves straightened out.
Already we have a sort of casualty: Lust. I was screaming at Ed to go save her when she let out that screech, but nooooo, Ed was too busy getting Sloth out of Al's body.
Speaking of which, surprisingly I didn't sense very much angst during the Sloth fiasco, Bratja or no Bratja. Maybe it's because Sloth had little personality to begin with, but it all felt quite sudden.
Anyway, just some thoughts. Anyone agree/disagree?
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reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE! [fullmetal alcshinraisei on September 4th, 2004 09:01 pm (UTC)
Regarding to the small tag-team moment I felt that they *might* start becoming close again when they did something they hadn't done together in years, an alchemization (or transmutation *shrugs*). No clappy dramaticness just the two; Ed drawing the circle, Al slamming the desks together and BAM the two putting thier hands on the circle to preform a transmutation.

Probably the only brotherly moment we'll see for the remainder of the series?

But yeah, they've become way too distant not even the preview seemed to suggest the participation of Al pulling a face much like Izumi's and Ed's. (Unless the two did the whole 'Al did you see the truth?', 'What about cool hands' *Ed imitates Izumi* Al: 'Uhm...°_°' thing...I can't recall if they had a whole discussion on Al's memory loss back in episodes 28-34-ish with Izumi they probably did)

You're the first person I've seen use the Russian title of that song. XD
Cynthiacsakuras on September 4th, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
I like how it sounds in Russian. ^^
Ironic how they used that song in this specific episode, when all the brothers did was trip each other up (other than the table thing, which made me happy).