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reaction to episode 47

DAMMIT! I knew it! JUST when Lust's coolness level rose like FIFTEEN HUNDRED POINTS, they had to kill her off! This is exactly like what happened to Scar! Though admittedly, there aren't that many options for them in life besides death, and Lust seemed happy about it at least... *sniff*
As for the rest of 47...lot's of weird alchemy involved there. Rewatching is definetly a must to get all the details. Why are there so many guns lying around in that factory, anyway? And won't Tucker EVER die? I wished Sloth had drowned him right then and there.
Lust and Ed teeming up was still totally awesome. And Ed was really going hardcore MUST KILL HOMONCULUS there. It shocked me, and Al too it seems. Homonculus Hunter Ed! It has a nice ring to it.
Wrath: "Mama...mama." He's got issues.
Sloth, Sloth, Sloth. She creeps me out. Her name still doesn't make any sense, but that's because there weren't any more Sins left. Regaining her I still don't know how to react to that. I'm sure it hurt Ed too. He wants to kill her, and is totally determined to get it over with, when suddenly she starts having motherly feelings for him, and in a way it's like killing his mom all over again, except she isn't, and now she's determined to kill him too, so it's like...messed up. I don't quite understand what Ed did to her in the end, and why she's all green and glowy.
And they just HAD to play Bratja at that exact moment, didn't they?!
Winry's appearance at the end- it's Envy! It has to be! What's he gonna do? If Sloth and Lust are gone for good, we only have what, 4 Sins left?
And why is Izumi in the preview? This doesn't bode well for her at all. The way Ed talked in the preview, apologizing to Izumi, Winry, Al, Roy... It's gonna be Izumi I think. :( *goes out to buy a lifetime supply of tissues*

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