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Question about Newbies

Well, my friends have been listening to me fangirling Fullmetal Alchemist for the past forever. Since... I think since April or May or something. And they've all wanted to see it since ... yeah. XD

So, I finally downloaded the first twenty episodes (because I had borrowed them from a local anime shop before I started downloading them).

I told my friends my Labor Day Plans: I'm going to wake up early, and watch as many Fullmetal Alchemist episodes as I can in one day. I'm aiming for all 47.

One of them invited herself over for a sleep over because of it. XD

So, here's my question: Should I let her read the manga frist, or watch the anime first. If I let her read the manga first, Sunday afternoon we can read the manga, and then all of Monday we can watch the anime. If it's anime first, then we'll watch some episodes on Sunday, and I'm going to hope we have time to read the manga.

What would all of you suggest?

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