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I just joined the group. so this is another greeting post. Now I don't have to leech from Yuuki to get everything new. XD Yay!

And now, for picture sharing. >)

My Ed cosplay, unfinished, but working on it.

Anime Reactor is where this costume will first debut. Yay! less than two months to go!

Why make a new post when I can hack my first one?

I made the arm with this stuff called either "foamies" or "fun foam" I forgot. It's sold by the sheet like posterboard or craft felt. I used superglue to put the edges together to form tubes and cylinders after I cut out the shapes needed. The layered part on uper arm, I took a coat hanger and cut the wire up to give those parts a curved shape (like paper, the stuff prefers to lay flat when not forced into a tube shape), glueing the wire underneat the edges.There's some elastice under the shoulder joint to connect the pieces without rendering my arm immobile. I want to join the elbow joint the same way, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Now the hand. Made a crappy glove, and repeated the cylindar process in miniature after I attached the palm and back of hand pieces (more glue! Cuz stitching didn't work--thread tore tiny holes into foam instead). I made the finger caps out of sculpty. Once I had all the pieces made, and trimmed so I could make a fist without the pieces falling off, I glued them on with more super glue.

Superglue on the flesh BURNS. Plus trying to escape the burning sensation when a glove was just bonded to your flesh isn't an easy thing to do. Glad I had nail polish remover and no tips the the glove so I could shove a q-tip down next to my finger and let the nailpolish remover slowly help release me. I had to do that TWICE. At least I now know I can type with the glove on.

and thank Butterick for a jacket pattern that needed minimum alteration. Other than mix matching the 4 versions available with the pattern, the only real addition I needed was the slit in the back.

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