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Hi to everyone!  This is my first post in the community, although I have been watching for a while.

Two points to my post, really: 1)  I am going to create a complete theme for my phone so that I can be an FMA geek where-ever I go!  Of course, I'll let all you guys who have a compatible phone (Sony Ericsson T610, T630, maybe the K700i too, but I'm not certain) have it once it's finished, too.  I was just wondering if anybody knew of where I could get not only some good FMA images for the theme, but also FMA midi files for the ringtone.  I found a version of Melissa that is quite good but it would be cool to have some other options too.

2)  I was wondering if anybody knows if there will be a European release of the FMA games any time soon?  I don't have a chipped PS2 so won't be able to buy the US versions and my Kanji isn't the best ;)  I hate the thought of having to miss out of these games!!  Also, does anybody know if the US versions will have English voice actors or like in some games (the names escape me) have an option to have the original Japanese voices but with English subtitles?  That would be far better than having the English voice actors, I'm just so used to the Japanese voices from the anime!

Thanks for your help guys!

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