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Just curious here...

This discussion came up twice today in my irc channel.

The movie which isn't supposed to be out until *next* year, supposedly takes place 2 years after this series ends. What about what happens in between all that time?

See the biggest difference between US cartoons and anime that really stands out is when the Japanese decided 'so-and-so anime will be X-amount of episodes long' that's all you're gonna get. No matter how big the fanbase is, or how many requests they get, they really stick to their decisions on cut-off amounts.


Knowing where in the story the movie takes place, and knowing there's only 5 episodes left. It kinda makes you wonder if maybe there would be something in between, to answer the questions and fill in the gaps.

...wouldn't it be nice? Ya know.... another 40 weeks of FMA leading up to the movie? ^_^

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