finaltribute (finaltribute) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Just a reminder...

A few FMA happenings for those who don't know...

Spoon, Nanashi, Shinsen, and Sonchou are still around for subs. Please don't start a preference war about who sucks or whatnot. Just be glad someone's providing them ^_^

also, for those who wrote, asked or wondered. #Chopstick for a pretty colorful parody of several key episodes. They have an FTP and tracker available to get their stuff. Some of its really good.

Finally. #Knives for the ultimate FMA trivia. Chopstick parody questions are in there, and will return if the demand for it comes back, but so far its packed with FMA questions. Other anime will be added once the series ends. I run the knives room, and anyone here is invited to come in and have a crack at the trivia bot. We're also interested in potential staff for other anime trivia that you could provide. -end plug there.

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