Avium (code_renegade) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Update on doujinshi sale ^^

Just an update on the doujinshis that I am selling - I've added an inside scan for *every* currently available doujinshi. So you can check out the inside artwork before you decide whether to get it or not ^^

Please note that as the event that I'll be selling the doujinshis at will take place on Saturday, I'll only accept orders for the doujinshis until 3rd September 12noon GMT! After that, whatever that I've left will go down to the event with me.

Please CLICK HERE to see the FMA doujinshis and limited edition posters available.

To order/reserve any of the items, please follow the instructions on THIS PAGE. Please don't comment here asking me to hold items for you, etc.

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