xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in fm_alchemist,
xiahou bieber

Icon post!

I don't normally post icons, because mine are usually boring because I only have the paint feature of AppleWorks to work with. (Also, I am lazy and uncreative. :D) But this shot from 46 demanded dorky text, so...I bring two icons! Same picture, different versions (I was just making the first, but my roomie suggested the second, and it was too good to not do, so... XD)

I like Shou, so I feel mean for the second one, but...yeah. XD

I'm testing LJ's photo hosting with this, so if these aren't showing, give me a poke and I'll go throw them up on Photobucket instead.

If anyone actually likes these enough to use one, please comment. I could use the ego boost. ^^;

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