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FMA Skit Help?

I know I tried to get miss_arel to write a skit for our FMA group with an Ed, Al, Winry, Pinako, and Roy, but I had this idea at three in the morning and couldn't resist...

PLEASE, someone tell me if this is a decent cosplay skit, and please help me get everybody in better character! (Except Roy. He's SUPPOSED to be flagrantly OOC.)

Warning: Minor RoyxEd stuff, nothing over PG.

ED and AL are onstage. WINRY walks on with PINAKO, and hits ED over the head with a wrench.

ED: knocked backwards) HEY!! What are you doing, Winry?

WINRY: Edward Elric, you stupid little... why didn’t you come back and visit us before? (hits AL over head) That goes for you too, Al.

AL: Winry, we—

ED: —WHO ARE YOU CALLING LITTLE?! (Claps hands and slaps the ground. Nothing happens.) Oh crap. My alchemy isn’t working...

WINRY sighs.

PINAKO: I’m calling YOU a super-hyper-ultra-midget, Ed.

ED: (takes off jackets to show off cosplayer's automail and starts throwing a fit) Who the hell are you calling so short you can’t even see over the top of him, you miniscule old woman?! (AL starts holding ED back, as ED flails to get free.) Let go of me, Al!

AL: Nii-san, calm down!

PINAKO: Not only are you short, but you can’t even get your alchemy right today.

WINRY hits ED over the head with a wrench before he can yell back.

WINRY: Stop beating on my grandma!

ED: GAAAAAH!!!! (breaks free of AL’s grip and stomps over to a spot a bit away, and claps and slaps the ground again.)

AL: Erm...nii-san...the colonel’s here... (points to ROY, who just walked onstage)

ED: Colonel!

ROY: (approaching ED) PIGTAILED GIRL!

ED: What?!


(PINAKO is laughing hysterically, AL looks shellshocked, and Winry is chuckling.)

WINRY: Looks like your alchemy did SOMETHING...

ED: ...Shut up!

ROY: PIGTAILED GIRL, I LOVE YOU!!! (plants a very firm and passionate kiss on ED)

(Everybody except ROY and ED are cracking up by now. ED breaks free of ROY’s embrace, splutters, and looks around, curses, and storms offstage, followed by ROY, who is yelling for his Pigtailed Girl to come back.)


So, just how sucky is that skit? Would you laugh? Would someone who hasn't seen FMA laugh? Yeah...I need help...

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