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Fanart for Ciceqi's "Situation Normal" *Newbie Alert*

Ola! I'm a lurker delurking to post probably the first fanart I've drawn in 6 months.


Inspired and drawn based on ciceqi's wonderful fic "Situation Normal", character art aided by my Dec Newtype. ^^

My art style is not even similar to FMA style art, but I made a effort to make everyone recognizable. ^_^;

This is a blatant messy sketch....I'll finish it (ink/maybe color) if anyone wants me to. ^_~

Originally was just gonna be "Knockout" Ed, branched out to Roy & Co. :P


As per the story this is 17 yr old "Knockout" Edward....I lengthened the braid a bit to add to the older appearance.

Roy was the hardest to aim was friendly Roy, but I kept getting evil Roy or lecherous Roy. ^^; I think I got close to my original idea...but he still looks like he's looking at Ed's rump. ^^;

Ed & Roy are supposed to be walking up a slope/stairs...hence height irregularities. :P

The chibis of Winly, Al & Hughes were directly inspired from Ciceqi's story. ^^

I hope everyone, especially Ciceqi, likes this!

Nice to meet you all, and I'll try to lurk less. ^_^


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