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After some ep46 opinions

Some points of interest and queries about ep46.

Point the first: thoughts on Nina? I mean, it's a complete HT, right? Sloth said it was perfect (though there may have been sarcasm, granted) but there's no soul. Kinda like a homunculus...? Or like one of Majihal's dolls, but human? Just curious for a better definition.

Point the second: the mother-son Sloth-Wrath thing. I love the fact that even as homunculi Wrath/Moofy still needs/wants a mother-figure, and Sloth/Trisha still has the mother's instinct. It's interesting, as we seem to go from being told 'a homunculus is nothing like its original' to hinting that there are personality traits that carry over. Also, it's interesting that Moofy and the Elric brothers seem to have swapped mothers... am I thinking about this too much? Yes! Oh.

Point the third (and last): the father-son Hohenheim-Envy thing?! Now, I know they could just be referring to parentage as in 'Hohenheim created the being now known as Envy' but there's a rather disturbing possibility there (he was alive a long time before he met Trisha afterall!). And even if that's wrong, who else could Envy have been before the failed HT? Thoughts?

And I'm done.

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