Yuuki Hikari (yuukihikari) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Yuuki Hikari

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Winry Fanart

Good day all! I'm here to bother everyone with my first FMA fanart ^_^

.... Tho Winry's not anywhere near the top of my "favourite character's" list... the image just sorta happened =3 and it was suggested that I share it.

The original idea was that I would do Ed, 15-year-old Human!Al and Winry dressed up at some sort of "formal" event (gala, ball, fancy party, etc)... but Al was being stubborn so I just did Winry.

I think I'll just do single portraits of Ed and Al when I get onto their "formal" shots >_>

I'm done wasting your time rambling on!

^_^ hope you like *skitters off to her boring job* @_@;

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