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FMA cosplay @ Anime Evolution 2004 ^^

I was the only hawkeye at the convention and not reconized much XD;

In this photoshoot, i looked more like havoc than hawkeye X_x; it seems that i had an attitude problem XD;...

ahhh...the lovely scenery at the campus.

the military X3 Hawkeye, Hughes, Roy~ we are even arranged by height XD;

the famous rain episode :)

on sunday i cosplayed as Gracia Hughes. It was a painful experience when the hughes did not know who i was... *sobbles*

family portrait :) we finally have our cute little elysia ^^

my friend and my photos can be found here ^^ you have to get an imagestation account in order to view these photos~

Jing's album:
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4273770093 (Friday)
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4274605093 (Saturday)
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4273535093 (Sunday)

Koenta's photos:
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4182270093 (friday)
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4181900093 (saturday)
http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4176790093 (sunday)

more photos can be found in this thread

Surprisingly there were only one of each of the military personal (Roy, Hughes, Hawkeye, Bradley). There were about 6 or so ed roaming around the con with 2 winry in sight. We were very lucky to have a scar ^_^ who i might add was afraid of rain because his tatoo and hair dye washing out. It was an amusing sight of scar-san holding an umbrella instead of Roy. On the day of the photoshoot (saturday), it was actually raining a bit :)

Hope you enjoy the photos~ more photos could be found in the links provided below the photos :)
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