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Not sure if anyone cares.

I have all my requested fics so far over here. It has all the ones I've written and all the ones I still need to write. The majority are FMA, and if you want any links to the ones that I've already written, I'll gladly supply them.

Secondly, you can request fics here. I've seen up to the current episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, and am up to the current chapter in the manga, so I can write anything you want me to (if you want Wrath, please tell me if it's manga Wrath or anime Wrath though). As some of you already know, I'll write anything that you request, be you on my flist or not. Be it Armstrong X Havoc or Gluttony X Hughes, you can request anything.

That, and I'm going to be bored at school, and the more requests I have, the more stuff I have to do in school. So request!

Somewhat X-posted in playthedamncard and getbackers and one_piece and fm_alchemist and gravifansunite.

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