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Hagaren game page has been updated!

You know that Chinese doujin game that everyone's been talking about?

The Site has been updated. X3

But...there's some good news and some bad news.

(copied directly from the site, and translated by yours truly)

2004-08-28 -- up!
  那麼先來說壞消息= =,那就是,青鳥的推出又要推遲了,啊啊啊不要這麼快丟雞蛋啊T T。因為偶(也就是某C)前陣因為私事一連在異空間消失了10天,炸,導致整體進度落下很多= =,現在雖然是全員狀態,但馬上要開學了,下來組裡的各位已經不能象放假那樣可以全精力放在遊戲製作上55555,我是罪人,大家PIA偶吧 = =;;。這是其一。
"Ahem, let's have some good news and some bad news, what does everyone want to hear first? (gets PIAed)
Let's have the bad news first, that is, BlueBird's production has been delayed again. AAAAHHHH don't be pelting eggs so quickly T_T. Because I (and that would be a certain C-san) disappeared into another dimension for ten days due to personal stuff, and then the production progress just dropped dramatically. Even though right now all our staff members are present, we're going to be starting school soon, so we're not going to be able to put all of our energy on the game as we did back when we were on vacation. I am a sinner, everyone PIA me. This is one of the things."


"Then the second, which is the good news (should be good news). 'Image of the BlueBird' has officially been updated with a battle syste, and the battles themselves were originally going to be false battles during the planning process (which means that we didn't originally intend for there to be battles). Battles are the kinds that you can't redo, and that means, if you wish to go 1vs1 with a certain character, you don't want to miss your first chance XD

Lastly, we've released ChrisFox's MP3 version of the opening 'Moments,' ChrisFox's fans, don't miss this~~

That's all."

Also, from their page, there will be some other cool things added to the game XD


"At the beginning, there will only be the choices for 'New game,' 'load game,' 'view items,' and 'exit game' on the main game menu. The picture on the left with the 'NG gallery' is something you'll get only after you've beaten the game at least once. That includes certain plot points that were taken out and edited during production."


"The contents in 'view items' will increase as you progress in the game, and that will also include things that have absolutely nothing to do with the game--hidden stuffs."

AVG必不可少的選項在青鳥中一樣無處不在(大概吧= =;;),不過基本所有的問題都是有時間限制的哦,如果想在回答問題的時候出個門什麽的……大概會得到很差勁的評價哦(我都說了,是『也許』XD)

"In BlueBird, the one main component of AVG's many choices is also constantly present (maybe = =;;), but most of the questions have a basic time limit, so if you want to leave while you're supposed to answer a question...you would probably get a bad score (I've said, it's 'maybe')."


"In the game there would be designated battles, so you'll have to grab the chance (don't be thinking of everyone as a battle freak ||||). The battles are executed via gard games, and that means, it's a luck battle. If you go through several battles without an attack card, then it gets rather painful.

For those of you who aren't afraid of getting whipped, would you wish for Roy to be very weak or very strong XD (runs away)"

Anyway, that's about most of the updates. I hope this helps anyone who was looking at the game. XD For me, I just want to get it even more now O_O

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