skeptisch (lelldorin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 46!

I was watching episode 46 raw, and at ta certain sceen - the one where troops are marching out of central for god knows what readon (I'm betting a war. with Drachma, because, you know, drachma is the nation of THE BARBARIAN BASTARDS and all that. The furher was talking to roy and his BRAND NEW SUBORDINATE (or, at least, I assume so), armstrong. Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the furher refer to Roy as "Junshou?" I missed what he called armstrong, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't whatever major is (my dictionary is giving me "Shousa" and "Ichouchou",neither of which sound right. Isn't Shousa lieutenant?").

So, my questions are:
1)Brigadier General Roy? or am I just hearing things?
2)If I'm not hearing things, WHY did the furher promote ROY?

More 46-related crap to be added when I get home.


Envy. Why was he so angry? Was it because dante 'got rid' of Hoenheim, and he wanted to do it himself? Or am I completely off here?

Also, Lust. She switched sides, and killed wrath themporarily! TAKE THAT, WRATH! But why did she switch sides? is it because it seemed like helping the elric brothers was the "human" thing to do?

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