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Fanart for one and all

In honour of the last day of summer, I drew two pieces of fanart last night. In honour of me being bored out of my skull for the welcome back assembelly, I drew another piece of fanart.

Anyways, I was planning on posting these after school. I decided why bother, since I can post them right now at lunch. Which means I have to hurry my ass up, or I'll be late for drama.

(One fanart of Ed, one of Envy, and one of both)

There is a very simple explaination to give for Envy's headband that doesn't involve me admitting to not looking at a reference for it until a couple of minutes ago. He was drunk, and put it on upside down.

For this one, I was actually planning on putting the oroborous dragon circling the serpent and cross, but it didn't look as good as I had hoped it would. I plan to try it again, and this time plan it out better.

Sorry about the crappy automail in this one. >.> It ended up that the only reference I had to it that wasn't on my computer (Which was unplugged) was a very tiny sticker. I tried though. And about his eyes: Let's just say that if I was smart, I would've drawn the pupils in pencil before making them in pen, but I'm not so I didn't.

This was the one I drew in the assembely. I have no excuse other than that....

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