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Onna types another Chibi

I decided to draw another Chibi. Since I got a lot of nice comments about my Envy one

This time I did Lust, Why? I dunno, I find her a cool character and I can't wait to see her in Episode 46 (( when it's subbed since I know jack sh*t in Japanese XD )).. she has really changed a lot since I first met her in my mind. XD

Anywho so I did her

now everyone, please gimmie ideas for the next chibi to draw, since I am willing to do more of these.

Hope you enjoy!

and I put it on Deviantart as well.


-_- Now I gotta go to work and work returns register for 8 hours.. Ohh jjoooyyyy 9__9

P.S : WOW! O_O I wasn't expecting such a...lotsa comments on the chibi! XD Yes my chibis are very odd looking, thank you so much!

And I already figured out. I'll most likely so Kimberlee next. Just cause I have heard the most about him here and from my Deviantart account as well.

**HUGS** thank you everyone! this made my day! <3

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