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Back from CN Anime

I'm back from CN Anime ^^ First off... TONS of FMA stuff. Figures, keychains, posters (by the millions) wallscrolls, manga (not translated) artbook, stickers, playing cards, collecting cards, pillows, buttons, finger puppets, patches, and jewelry.

I saw a ring with the redstone attached to it. (Like we see in the first/second episode). As for figures... You could get the whole set (but you had to put the characters together yourself) for $45.00. The artbook was $69.00 which was totally out of the question. An iron on patch of the military symbol for $15.00.

keychain sets where $25.00 (didn't bother buying them because Winry's head was broken off on all of them). There was also an Al keychain that says "Meeeoooww" xD

I did, however, buy a mini figure set. ^^ (which contains Havoc, Armstrong, Hughes, Riza, Roy, Izumi, Winry, Al, and Ed).

Note: After buying collecting cards. I found out that Izumi's husand name is "Sigu"

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