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a random thought

I was thinking last night (the horrors!) about FMA. We all know about Ed and his problem with being called super midget who can only be seen with 10000000000x microscope.

Well, here was my random thought, why don't he cut off (or exchange it for something or rather) his other leg, and then have TWO automail legs. Then he can ask Winry to make his legs longer so he'd be taller than three beanstalks! Then whenever someone points to him and call him a midget, he can walk by them and kick them in the head (because he'd be so very tall now), then walk away laughing at thier sillyness. And the guys who he just kicked will be going like "O.o I was pointing and laughing at the midget behind him. Not at the super-duper tall as three beanstalks boy with short arms."

...I'll head off now. *hides* XD I'm just sleep deprived.

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