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DVD 9!

I was browsing the Official hagaren site, and, as always, looking for information about the second OST ( I want the woah woah song. I NEEED the woah woah song. and maybe the new al speech theme. and, for good measure, the PAINFUL ISHVAL CHORUS THING.). I found this instead.

DVD 9. With Greed on the cover. Mmm. Greed.

This led me to a lot of questions!
1)Is anyone planning on buying this, and if so, could they scan the cover when they get it so I can love and molest worship you forever?

2)Why is Greed on the cover of DVD 9? Japanese DVDs usually only have 2 episodes per DVD on them... so Greed shouldn't be showing up until DVD... 15 or so? do the japanese Hagaren DVDs have more than 2 episodes per DVD, so that already they are releasing the DVD with GREED THE GODLY on it?

3)They'd BETTER keep the japanese DVD covers for the US release, dammit.

4)Why was greed added to THE LIST? why? He was so sexy! If they had made him a recurring character like hughes was, or Roy is, or whatever... I'd have loved this series 1000000 times more. And I love it a lot already. So. That's a lot of love.

oh, and while, I'm at it, does anyone know what this is?

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