Terra (unmei_no_yume) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Oh the pain!

Was at Kinokuniya today and saw the FMA Fanbooks and the TV animation book thingy... and gosh darnit why does FMA have to have so much merchandise!?!?!?!? My eyes were bugging out at all the stuff I wanted soooo badly but totally can't afford. And despite my love of other anime/manga series, for some bizarre reason, FMA has hooked me so much that I really am so much more into the merchandise. I don't know what it is! Although I haven't bought nearly as much FMA stuff as other anime (thus far nothing has rivaled my old fanaticism for Sailor Moon ... but let's not get into that... -.-;;;)

So can anyone please help me in at least spending my $$ wisely? Is the TV animation guide worth getting? How about those awesome fanbooks with interviews and such with the VAs?

Well there was one thing I just absolutely HAD to purchase and that was Book #8!! Woohoo! I've been waiting oh so long!

For those of you who have read it or at least some of the chapters, is there a lot of technical information in it? My boyfriend kindly donated his old electronic Japanese dictionary to me and I was hoping it would help make reading manga much easier, but the thing about FMA is there is so much scientific, technological, or theological stuff that might not be in a regular dictionary (or an old one at that). So I was just wondering how much help the dictionary would be.

Sorry for the really lame post but it's 1:45am (although to me it's 4am since I'm still on East Coast time...) and I just had to let something out =P
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