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Because I'm Looking For Creativity Flint

I had a Fullmetal Alchemist themed dream the other day. To say it was very odd would be an understatement, although dreams are often odd.

In the dream, I was employed by the military, something I often am in my dreams for one reason or the other. What was odd was I didn't have a proper uniform - they gave me a more feminine version of the military top in FMA. I think I tried to complain about it, but the people handing out uniforms responded by saying something along the lines of, "Oh, no. That's the new style."

Something happened that I don't remember, but I ended up at work sorting through some papers in a mess hall (I think I worked for some sort of intelligence agency in the dream, but I'm not sure). Then half of the people in the hall went mad and started trying to attack the other half who were, of course, shocked in a "what the fuck, mate?" sort of way. Someone with brown hair started to eat my papers so I took out a knife and stabbed him to death.

I don't remember what happened next, but next thing I remember, I was sprawled on the floor, exhausted (from fighting probably; I don't know), and then Colonel Roy Mustang came up and looked down the new military top.

Then he started smirking. I think he started to say something about what he was seeing, but then I woke up.

What strange FMA-themed dreams have you had?

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