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Okay, story before the picture, it'll be short

Normally I don't post on other clubs and stuff, I normally read and comment, but this was done when I was in Norway ( yes Norway ) vising my friend nursemette for 2 weeks, she is actually the one who introduced me to FMA and now I am hooked and addicted.

Anywho, we got on some idea of Edward posing in his boxers, and when I was flying home ( 8 hours from Oslo to Newark, 4 hours from Newark to San Antonio Texas, need I say I had SOME time to draw XD) I decided to draw and ink this in, it's a simple chibi and I had no referances, so dun shoot me if I have some things wrong.

I guess onto the chibi pic! :) It's not as good as my normal work, but jetlag and so forth.. ya, lemme jus post it.

Enjoy! :)


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