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26 August 2004 @ 08:56 am
National Alchemist Watch  
I ordered one off Ebay, but I think it's broken. I still can't transmutate my scratched CDs back into mint condition. Actually, it came in perfect condition, so I'm quite happy, even if the $75 price tag was a bit high. It's a little smaller than I'd expect, only a little more than an inch in diameter, but it still looks pretty nice. I'm just worried about how to replace the battery. Anybody else got one of these? It's the HK promo version, I think, not the original gift box one from Japan.
tunetherainbow on August 26th, 2004 10:57 am (UTC)
Ah, I was wondering as to whether or not the watch I recieved was the only one without a battery. ^_^;
Mine arrived in the mail about two weeks ago, and I went to a local jewelry store to purchase a battery. It only cost ten dollars and was put in about five minutes without any damage to the watch, so I'd suggest just taking it to a jewelry store that offers watch repair.
Unfortunately, it seems as though the watch itself is poorly made--as I was observing the watch when I got home, I noticed that the seconds hand can't move. The glass seems to be too low, and the hand is blocked as it struggles to move(it sometimes is able to make it, but all of the delays cause the watch to lag for an ever-increasing amount of time). The hour hand will even move if you jiggle it around lightly. It's definitely not worth the sixty dollars I paid for it(I'll definitely stick to buying official Square-Enix merchandise, even if it is less accurate), but I'm still considering taking it back to the jewelry store and seeing if they can do anything to fix it. It's such a very pretty watch, and I'm determined to put it in working condition. XD
Olliesaber_rider on August 26th, 2004 11:05 am (UTC)
Mine actually came with a battery, and the hands are moving just fine as they are now. It's only been one day, but it seems to be keeping perfect time. When I bought it, though, I was aware that more than likely, it'll be much less functional, and more for decoration. Of course, I'll use it functionally as long as I can! It'll come in handy if I ever decide to do a National Alchemist cosplay.