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Random things and talking about Episode 45

I know this is just a weird thing I just wanted to say.

I've gotten used to Paku Romi doing Edward's voice. Its like second nature to listen to Ed scream "IM NOT A SHRIMP". How tough that must of been for the voice talent. I hope she had a lot of water so her voice didnt cramp up. Im not going to be used to the Americanized version of Full Metal Alchemist when it comes on Cartoon Network. I can watch it when it comes on in october...But I prolly wont care lol. I kind of liked Episode 45. It was rather interesting to see hoienhiem (Gods I hope I spelled that right) And Dante talking. But when he saw Sloth. Old memories flooded back to him. With every highly emotional episode, i found myself on the edge of tears. I was shocked. And it was the same with Episode 44 when Edward was finding peices of his mom. And then asking Izumi for something from the baby that she tried to resurect. Ed knows his fate.

But why is Alphonse going to Shou Tucker? Perhaps since he is the Philosiphers Stone, he can bring back Nina? I mean Nina was a precious character in the past episodes. I really cried when she died. But how are they going to call her soul back to her body when they do bring her back. And Im also wondering why Ed is forbidding Alphonse to not do alchemy. I just have a lot of questions floating in my mind. Last thing about Hoienhiem...He accepted his fate...And why is Dante using Rose? Thats just not right ;-;!! I like Rose!! Why does she have to get used by such an evil woman!!!!!

:sigh: Ohhh well I hope the end of the series is about as good as its start :3 I really enjoyed this series..but Episode 51 is coming awefully close. I guess I'll just wait till its all out and everyone can draw conclusions for themselves.

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