angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

Edo Cosplay


My internet is being a pain. 3rd time attempt.

As you know, I cosplayed Edward Elric at Otakon this year (for most of the con too, which was torture since the wigcap clamped my head and the 90+ degree weather with humidy didnt' agree with my costume outside and I got attacked by a tree); I didn't get [m]any(?) pictures of myself, so I dug around and stolen took from my friends. Thanks to Margs for my two coats. =3

There I am! I just realized how short my coat was. Uh....I GREW!

Supa Edo Arm Ackchon! I originally made the ENTIRE automail out of craftfoam(bitchy material to paint) but it got way too hot and some of it fell apart so I just wore the part that counted for most of the photo-ops.

Me looking curiously at the passed out Vash (my friend). (hehe. I'm also holding my figure of Roy. WHO'S SMALL NOW?!) =D

OMGWTFBBQLIKIMDEAD?!!! Scar killed me. Taisa, why didn't you save me???? Bastard Colonel. ;_;


Uh, I just look stoned.

Me hugging Al. (Or at least pretending to because I'm not supposed to touch him.) ^_^

Not the best Edward, but I think I pulled a decent one for a blonde!asian with glasses.

More Otakon pictures to come later.

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