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Anime Evolution 2004 - FMA photoshoot

You're useless in the rain Mustang. =P

Don't try too hard to look bad Mustang.


Roy trying to show us he's not completely useless in the rain.

Everyone look at Hughes' daughter.

'What Roy really thinks of Hughes' pictures' also known as 'Hawkeye seems impressed by the guys'

Men (and woman) in blue.

No Ed! Don't do it!

Roy calling Ed short again...

Is Ed thinking how he'll make Mustang pay?

So chibi, how does it feel being tall?

Ed finally got his wish to be tall.

Roy vs. Ed Round 2 FIGHT!

Roy still haven't learned not to call Ed short.

They're loyal and doesn't complain even if you treat them badly.

Ed take exception to the way Roy treats Black Hayate.

Getting on a chair still didn't help.

Ed getting carried back by Hawkeye.

No matter how much you beg Roy...

Jealous Roy?

O_o Scar...? Ed...? What are you two doing?

The only guys who dressed up as FMA characters, okay I lied, we lost King Bradley and we couldn't find Greed.

Hughes may be dead, but we all know he'll still be showing pictures of his daughter to everyone.

We actually took more picture than this, but some of them were too blurry to use.

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