Gnine (gnine) wrote in fm_alchemist,

w00t to FMA live...

So, was in Tokyo this weekend for the first ever Animeexpo Tokyo...which happened to include an FMA special event. Not sure if anyone's actually interested...though I'd give a quick run down...

Present were both Paku Romi (Ed's seiyuu) Rie Ka-something (Al's seiyuu, so totally blanking on last name...probably due to lack of from Tokyo back to Kyoto was faaar to long) the director and one of the main storyboard/writers. Also Yellow Generation, who sang the new closing song (gave their first live performance of it) also, the band is apparently fans of the anime/manga and were very excited to write a song for the show and then actually get to see images put to it (one said her fav. part was the snow flakes part)

Paku-san and Rie- san were SO ADORABLE...and OMG Al's voice is high pitched! so squeaky...and they were both very bouncy, especially Paku, she kept jumping up from her seat and making side comments constantly.

Also, the director said something about a very humorous ep coming up at some point...but that it didn't have Ed or Al in it? This also surprised the two seiyuu,who flipped out...was amusing :)...

Anyway, that's a bit of news...oh, and randomly, not really my cup of tea,but OMG the sheer number of FMA dj, especially Roy/Ed is incredible!

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