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23 August 2004 @ 10:18 pm
Rnadom Thoughts  
While I was sitting here eagerly awaiting the first group to punch out a sub of 45 I was thinking about a couple random items.

First on the docket, who do you think Hohenheim transmuted? In the flashback at the beginning of 45 you see him start the alchemic reaction with a clap. This means that one of the sins is 400 or more years old; as we know Hohenheim was still in his original body. That leaves us three choices, Pride, Envy, and Gluttony. I am more then extremely doubtful it was Gluttony, so now where down to two, and they’re both extremely hard to pick from. Pride would fit as if he’s the leader you would assume he’s also the oldest, but then again Envy hates Hohenheim specifically. This was seen when he was literally kicking the crap out of Ed in the Fifth Lab because of his relationship to him.

This leads me to my second stream of thought. In the same scene where Envy mentioned him refering to Hohenheim, he also mentioned him as a leader. Now maybe it was just the fan-subs, but don’t all the sins repeatedly refer to their higher up as "he", including Pride. I was under the impression that Hohenheim would be whom they where referring too, but seeing as how both Gluttony and Lust had no clue who the hell he was and if what I’m assuming happened to him in the basement happend I think that rules him out. Do you think perhaps there is someone else, or they where referring to Dante as him on purpose?

Is anyone else unnerved by the amount of time Roy was alone with the Furher/Pride? Think it’s possible it wasn’t Roy who walked back out? That’s just a passing/closing thought though.

Finally I'll close by daying that Winry's Doctor father is not dead, he's just gone back to the future.

Both have:
  • Wild Hair
  • Technical Skill
  • Zanyness
  • A friend who is way too short for his age
  • Forget little details like screws and uranium
    Mike: Hughesfinnell1912 on August 24th, 2004 02:27 pm (UTC)
    Perhaps Al will in fact restore Tucker's body (under the guise of helping Nina). That would both let him practice restoring the human form and put Tucker back to the way he was (not that the shit head deserves it).

    I just watched the 45 sub (english) and the very last scene with Izumi was extremely good. I love how he asked in all seriousness about the remains. I know that when a baby is still born or dies extremely young it's not uncommmon for the mother to get a lock of the child's hair to keep. So Izumi very well may have a bit o' Wraith laying around. Though it seems rather cheap for 2 sins to be stopped by hair scraps.

    Speaking of the remains it'll be interesting to see how Ed uses them, will he just keep them on his person, or maybe he'll merge them into his arm-blade.