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23 August 2004 @ 10:18 pm
Rnadom Thoughts  
While I was sitting here eagerly awaiting the first group to punch out a sub of 45 I was thinking about a couple random items.

First on the docket, who do you think Hohenheim transmuted? In the flashback at the beginning of 45 you see him start the alchemic reaction with a clap. This means that one of the sins is 400 or more years old; as we know Hohenheim was still in his original body. That leaves us three choices, Pride, Envy, and Gluttony. I am more then extremely doubtful it was Gluttony, so now where down to two, and they’re both extremely hard to pick from. Pride would fit as if he’s the leader you would assume he’s also the oldest, but then again Envy hates Hohenheim specifically. This was seen when he was literally kicking the crap out of Ed in the Fifth Lab because of his relationship to him.

This leads me to my second stream of thought. In the same scene where Envy mentioned him refering to Hohenheim, he also mentioned him as a leader. Now maybe it was just the fan-subs, but don’t all the sins repeatedly refer to their higher up as "he", including Pride. I was under the impression that Hohenheim would be whom they where referring too, but seeing as how both Gluttony and Lust had no clue who the hell he was and if what I’m assuming happened to him in the basement happend I think that rules him out. Do you think perhaps there is someone else, or they where referring to Dante as him on purpose?

Is anyone else unnerved by the amount of time Roy was alone with the Furher/Pride? Think it’s possible it wasn’t Roy who walked back out? That’s just a passing/closing thought though.

Finally I'll close by daying that Winry's Doctor father is not dead, he's just gone back to the future.

Both have:
  • Wild Hair
  • Technical Skill
  • Zanyness
  • A friend who is way too short for his age
  • Forget little details like screws and uranium
    reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE!shinraisei on August 24th, 2004 01:38 pm (UTC)
    Argh, Hohenheim in this version truly loved his wife. You know I'm kind of hoping this isn't the last we see of him.

    About whom Hohenheim transmuted,
    Hohenheim used the survivors from the witch hunt and those who were suffering from the Black Plague to make the philosopher's stone. He was never transmuting anyone.

    Roy's conversation with the Fuhrer and the Generals was about the Elric brothers involvement with the uprising in Lior and then he followed by confronting the Fuhrer about his Secretary
    being involved in Hughes' death somehow which is what sent the collective shock through the Generals. You could tell that Roy was definatly 'scared' about confronting the Fuhrer about his Secretary's involvement with Hughes' death and for a second I thought he got smacked in the face after he exited the room (But he was all stressed because he faced the Fuhrer and he was all sweaty).

    Also, it seems Roy's friend from East City is still an ally of his, the Commanding general (fellow who was drinking his tea, yes him) even during the discussion, he was trying to knock down everyone's arguements by saying that the Elrics had discovered some crimes in Lior and that Cornello (Envy) had told the people to engage in combat with the military and that it was not the brothers' faults. General Hakuro took that as an insult to his conduct and asked if Roy was trying to question his decisions). But his conduct his suspicious to me...but that's just me.

    Also in the hospital, Jean remarks about how since the Fuhrer has been in power, there have been wars here and here and Breda adds that they won all those wars. Roy then questions how the Ishbar War was used to help whoever create the Philosopher Stone and Roy shared his reasons why the military has been trying to create the Philosopher's Stone and said that :
    "But if its for [The wars] to plunge people into the shadows of hopelessness, to the make them create the Philosopher's Stone...(Collective gasp by everyone)"

    He also asked what could be the possible reasons for searching for the Philosopher's Stone to which Vato replied: "For riches. Glory. Power" and Fuery: "Immortality" and Hawkeye: "When you're in a period of hopelessness(despair?)". Notice how the Elrics fit none of those categories ;).

    I was right about Roy and his men, they are the only smart guys left in the military. >_>

    And yes, Armstrong and Roy are considering the fact that they are being given the OK to go to the North region is because they know too much and that they could be silenced there. This could also paint what will happen in episode 48 with its title and all. (Episode 48, entitled 'Farewell' airs September 11th. Now does that sound a bit...worrysome to anyone?)

    (Roy said the Elrics escaped to the North and that they lost them when they thought they had retured to Riesenbourg after a previous scene back in Riesenbourg which had Ed lying to Al about what he was doing covered in dirt and said it was to have the military think they made a go for the North)

    finnell1912, if you understand french, there's a french fansubbing group that released a fansub of episode 45 on Sunday night. They're name is TKM and they're pretty good. So if you want, I could give you a link to thier download (or I could put up a topic here *shrugs*)

    What Al said near the end of the episode : "Tucker, teach me how to use the Philosopher's Stone"...o_o Scary.

    (read next post)
    reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE!shinraisei on August 24th, 2004 01:39 pm (UTC)
    (because my post exceeded the max. characters allowed >_>)
    Episode 46:
    Interesting thing said by Ed, he asks (The Homonculus I'm assuming) why do they want to become humans and then comments on why they want to be such weak things.

    Envy's back *hears joyous squeals*.

    So, it seems Tucker has made many, many copies of his daughter Nina. I think Al will try and use the Philosopher's Stone to bring back Nina but doing that alone goes against the 'All is one, One is all' thing that Izumi told them to which they both concluded on the 29th night that there are all a small part of a big existance and that if they die, the world will keep spinning which leads to the 'Let the dead stay dead' thing. (Which they both ignored and tried to bring back thier mom and well we all know what happened to them.)

    (There has been no announcement for a french dub that's why I'm not going omgcensor ^^)

    For some odd reason I think Roy was one of the targets to help with the creation of the Philosopher's Stone but I think at the begining of episode 25 he was doing Human Transmutation and not looking for the Philosopher's Stone so I guess no.
    Mike: Hughesfinnell1912 on August 24th, 2004 02:27 pm (UTC)
    Perhaps Al will in fact restore Tucker's body (under the guise of helping Nina). That would both let him practice restoring the human form and put Tucker back to the way he was (not that the shit head deserves it).

    I just watched the 45 sub (english) and the very last scene with Izumi was extremely good. I love how he asked in all seriousness about the remains. I know that when a baby is still born or dies extremely young it's not uncommmon for the mother to get a lock of the child's hair to keep. So Izumi very well may have a bit o' Wraith laying around. Though it seems rather cheap for 2 sins to be stopped by hair scraps.

    Speaking of the remains it'll be interesting to see how Ed uses them, will he just keep them on his person, or maybe he'll merge them into his arm-blade.