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Envy and Wrath

Hey, baby! I'm back!

A few days ago, kiraqueen posted asking for detailed characters sketches of Envy and Wrath, so -- here they are! (Sadly, this is about all I can contribute to the Envy costume; I am teh suck at cosplay.)

I seriously think Arakawa-san messed up when she named him Because Lust would have suited his character sooo much better; has anyone else noticed Lust's complete lack of sex drive, aside from her name?

And, Wrath! Envy's Mini-Me, I swear: Half the height, twice the insanity!

Enjoy, hope these are helpful to those who want them. (And just a reminder: if anyone else wants to see character shots of virtually any FMA character. let me know and it shall be done.

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