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Alcohol Edo

Sorry for spamming the community once again!

I had to take this 3 hour online course on alcohol education in order to actually go to my university (I ended up surfing the net whilst the program went on and on in the background; I still got a 93% on the final test. Go me.). Anyways, there was this one section where you put in 3 names (2 women, 1 man) and go through a select-your-path kinda thing for a party scene. Here's what happened (or at least what would have happened if I had kept my version of the story; I did everything right except for leaving my friend alone (on purpose. I was bored). This is a copy of someone else's story, but I changed the names to the ones I used. Mine had Roy drinking directly from the keg with onlookers cheering and I was sober and uh...we all got home safely. )

It's 9 p.m., and you are hanging out with your friends, Edward Elric , Maria Ross and Roy Mustang a first-year student. You're planning to go to an off-campus party at 11 p.m. Roy Mustang has agreed to be the designated driver for the evening. You're all getting bored as you wait to leave for the party, so Maria Ross pulls a few beers and a bottle of vodka from her backpack.

By 11 p.m. you, Maria Ross, and Edward Elric have each had three shots and a beer. Roy Mustang's the designated driver and he hasn't had any alcohol yet. He gets you to the party safely, and when you arrive the party is in full swing. Maria Ross and Roy Mustang head straight for the keg. Edward Elric heads to the dance floor.

You join Maria Ross and Roy Mustang at the keg and drink two beers. Maria Ross and Roy Mustang want you to play a drinking game with them. You know you'll have to do some serious drinking if you say yes.

You play for a while and start feeling pretty buzzed. You've definitely had too much to drink, and need to find a bathroom. You wander upstairs and accidentally stumble into a dark room where you find Edward Elric making out with some guy.

You leave Edward Elric alone with the guy and go off to find a bathroom. When you get back to Maria Ross and Roy Mustang, you see that they're both pretty wasted. Roy Mustang won't be able to drive, so you get him to hand over the car keys. Just then, Edward Elric stumbles down the stairs and insists on leaving right away. She's crying and her clothes are torn. The situation is out of control. You just want to get yourself and Edward Elric away from the party.

You announce to Maria Ross and Roy Mustang that it's time to go. Everyone gets into the car and Edward Elric continues to cry. She hasn't said exactly what happened, and you wonder if you should take her to the hospital or the police station. You're concerned that she might need to be tested for pregnancy and STDs. Once you're on the road, you realize that you shouldn't be driving. Before you can do anything about it, you lose control of the car and crash into a telephone pole. You wake up the next morning in the hospital. Your friends are there as well, being treated for various injuries. You have been charged with DWI for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Other criminal charges related to the injury of your friends are pending.

Well, that was fun. But not fun enough to say the alcohol education was worth it. MY BRAIN CELLS ROT. People who took anatomy/phys should not have to go through that torture. =(

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