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Transmutation circle?

This has been asked (well, not this exact question, but the same sort of things) and I'm sure you're all incredibly sick of it, but... A while back, someone posted the transmutation used in episode 34 to *CENSORED FOR SPOILERS ABOUT CERTAIN CHARACTERS YOU CANNOT HELP BUT LOVE* at a very high quality. I've spent a good hour searching through the archives, but I can't seem to find it, so... I was wondering if anyone saved the link to it or the actual image, and if so, if they could be so kind as to give me the link/send me the image! my AIM is Lelly Chan, if you want to send it to me over AIM...

Thank you a hundred times in advance!

EDIT: thank you so much! now that that I have that, I can be a happy fan once more. <3

incidentially, this is the ultimate shirt. Buy it an support a not-so-starving high school student today! :D

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