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20 August 2004 @ 09:53 am
[fic] Roy's Treat  
Hello, I joined this community recently so I haven't pimped my fics here. So far I have 2 and they are both, hopefully zany, comedies. One of them I just updated today.
First off a non-pairing fic: Operation: 'M'
[snippet]Which was the reason Ed was standing there in broad daylight in front of the condemned 'Perky Fisherman Mackerel Canning Plant and Warehouse'. Ed never met a perky fisherman and doubted they existed. He, sure as heck, wasn't feeling perky.

The other is Roy's Treat, which is Winry/Ed(/Al because Al goes everywhere with his brother) and Roy/Winry amoung others.

[Snippet from the latest chapter]
Ed knew that his dear sweet brother wouldn't understand that they did not want Roy to be 'nice' to Winry. Al's generous nature wouldn't know that whenever Roy was 'nice' he was really just being extra-manipulative. Ed decided to go another route. "So you remember that time I sneaked a peek at Colonel Mustang's private black notebook. If was filled with girls names and details. Detail, Al. Details."

If you like them then please leave me a review or comment.
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