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Just an idea for this place

I was thinking that this community was more or less like an open discussion about the anime and such. I know there has been a situation like this in the Naruto community I'm in and had offered this up before and ppl actually liked the idea AND did something about it.

Since LJ is now free to the public, why doesn't someone create a FMA yaoi community, that wall all yaoi fanart, icons, and fics can go in there?

Its just something to think about and its not going to hurt anyone to make one. I won't do it cause its not my bag, I'd rather let someone who loves that genre do so.

Am I talking out of my ass, am I wrong for wanting someone to create it or is it a decent thing to do? Or what? Don't be scared to step up to the bat and create a place for it. It would also keep a sense of balance and not offend ppl who aren't fans of the yaoi persuasion ESPECIALLY when ppl don't label things regardless (even though, yes I know some do, but some don't). I just don't want ppl to be flamed or told off just cause someone likes something and someone doesn't.
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