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Question About Fourth Ending and Hughes

Sorry if this has been mentioned, but you guys post so often and not all of us have the stamina to go through all the earlier things! But- Have I lost my mind, or is Envy using the form of Hughes when he shoots at Ed during the 4th Ending? In the graveyard, immediatly following the poker scene where Riza's boobs steal the scene. There's seems to clearly be Ed running towards a military figure shooting him, which turns to Envy and escapes through some killer breakdancing moves, leading to a group Homunculus shot. Probably not foreshadowing (though fucking sweet if it was, kids :-?) but I was wondering if anyone had confirmed/dispelled this as of yet?

(this dance position confirmed the Hughesosity for it right here. A very Maes pose.)

This would be a hilarious amount of work all just to hear a resounding "Yeah. Envy as Hughes. We discussed this. Means nothing. Whatev." sweet.
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