Covertly Esperific (summerwolf) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Covertly Esperific

I bring fanart. Yes. More crappy fanart from me to terrorize the world with.

Pairing : RizaxRoy

Picture behind cut.

Originally done for the "Saishu heiki" theme of the Roy/Riza 100 themes (as a joke reference to Saishu Heiki Kanojou, where the main heroine turns into TEH Ultimate Weapon and features some really kickass quotes)....when it was done...well, it fits "I don't want to realize" better, so there it goes.

Photoshop, approximately six hours. And the backgrounds suck like nothing else. Bwar.

Comments and criticisms really appreciated. I mean, I want to stop sucking. XD;;;;;

NOTE : Roy's coat is that color because I was trying to go for the Manga!Verse, in which Roy wears a light-colored coat to Ishvar. Since we know for a fact that Riza's there, whereas while she's likely to be there in the's not conclusive.

And yes, Major Mustang's in denial.

Crossposted to my journal, fm_alchemist and fma_het.

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