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Looking for role-playing game players:

I've been hosting a FMA role-playing game for 3 months now.  We are still looking for more players to fill up preferrably villians (Lust, Gluttony->More urgent) in our game. OC characters are welcomed as well.

For character availability:

For Rules & Regulations/How to join:

We started our game from Ep 18 AU. Meaning the library's gone, the Sins and Scar just had their little meeting, and Ed and Co. has found that the Philosopher's Stone requires human sacrifice. We are now at this point of the SL:

  • Kimbley & Greed escaped from prison and went around killing people. They became an item since then and are currently traveling with Martel.
  • Roy took eight men (Hughes, Havoc, Fury, Falman, Hawkeye, Edward, Alphonse, Armstrong) and Black Hayate on a mission to look for Kimbley. They have just reached the destination to start off their mission.
  • Lust had dated Havoc and tried to gain information from him. But soon her identity had been revealed. She had a fight with Armstrong before withdrawing with Envy and Gluttony.

Thanks for everyone's time! :D


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