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Remember the Scarf!Roy Jigsaw Poster?

The one whose huge scan was posted by hiyu some time ago? The one that was divided into eight pieces? The one with the scarf?

Well, I crashed my PC trying to put the huge files into one, but I managed to do it in the end. By no means it is a perfect job, but if anyone here is interested to have the joined version, just comment here or here (<-- preview image on that link), and leave your email address. But first, warning: the filesize is a HUGE 5.3 MB.

That said, hello! This is my first post here after lurking for quite some time. Nice to see you fellow FMA fans!

Edit: Wow, so many Roy fans. Feels like a demographic study ^^; Anyway, to all that said they'll love me forever, I doubt you will :P But enjoy the poster nonetheless.

For my checklist, this has been sent to: sherrq, daringu, black_hayate, redushab, hiragizawa, dulcinea_lj, selskia, sirius_jazz, 1314, mozzarella, _coatlicue_, jrufirefly, kiena_tesedale, iateyourbabies, jes_schu, tarnishedestiny, darknightrain, joruri, princesszelda, la_mi_chan, deaxolff, kuromitsu, tayles, dixieartist, sani_chan, cherrylilwolf, 4ti3k4t35, trollofpop, nanya_hime, bluey_, irisamergin, ending_theme, pureblackrose

Let me know if I missed anyone.
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