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FMA Theories:

Some probably not going to happen theories about the FMA!Manga. So Manga!Name applies. >_>; Spoilers past this month's chapter.

Since we're revieled this month about the Kenja No Ishii being inside a Homonculus underneath the Ouborous, here's my first theory.

  • Soon, Ed get's the stone. He set's everything up, and is going to bring Al back. It's a done deal. But, then he realizes.. He can also get Trisha back. I mean, after all, it is the Philospher's Stone, he could do it no problem. And it does, except when he's bringing back Al's body from the gate, the Philospher's Stone goes into Al's body (right around the neck/shoulder area, like where Al's Seal is.) And, becomes a Homonculus for having a Stone inside of him. And since, Ed was greedy for wanting to bring back his brother, and his mother.. Al becomes the need Greed. Since the series supposedly going to run another 4-5 years, it'd be intresting at mid-story for Al to become a reluctant villian. Which leads me into my next theory..
  • Assuming Havoc is dead: (I hear the fangirl's screaming now.) My other theory is that each "Major" Military person. (Bassically everyone who get's merchandise) will be killed by a different Sin, with a reason.
  1. Maes Hughes is killed by Envy. Hughes is well known for trying to make others "envious" of Elysia, with the pictures. We all love him because of it, but it is techinally "doing the sin."
  2. Jean Havoc is killed by Lust. Havoc always had problems with relationships. Why? Maybe because, (besides Armstrong's sister) is that Havoc "lusted" over other women. He couldn't get into a relationship, he kept on seeing someone else. Now the specualtion:
  3. Alexander L. Armstrong is killed by Sloth. One, Sloth is a very muscle bound Homonculus, which would make an intresting fight between the two. Armstong was "Slothfull" with his job of telling Ed and Al about Hughes. He just kept on waiting to tell them, and he was a "sloth."
  4. Riza Hawkeye is killed by Gluttony. I haven't recalled a time when Riza has been "gluttonous", but it's been foreshadowed already, and, with my theory, she's the only military member, and the only sin left.
  5. Roy Mustang is killed by Wrath. Roy was "wrathfull" by killing Maria Ross, for revenge of Hughes. (I'm sorry, but why would Roy not killed Maria? He was hinting for Armstrong to leave because had a crush on her. Jeez, she wasn't such a big character in the manga. e_e;;;) And, I mean, Roy having to accept that the Military he's so devout to is run by a Sin, the Fuhrer, leaves him distraught. So.. yeah.
  6. Edward Elric is killed by Greedy!Al, or Pride. Oh, the angst of him being killed by his brother, and his brother not wanting to do it is so poetic-angst. And remember, he is still military. And, my theory on Pride:

Pride is Hohey-chan. He was originally Human, but I think he made himself a Homonculus. There is no other way he could of lived and not aged, and maybe him finding out how to make the stone/sacrificing his body to be a homonculus to allow him to make more sins. The non-aging is a sin of a Homonculus, remember. I'm guessing the Ouborous is on his forehead, since they're is a reason Aniki-sensei is not showing us nose up of his face in the manga. I have another theory that since Daisoto is an aging Homonculus, he's against the sins. Or Hoheinhemm, and wants them down.

Oh, and to those who will figure it out: Movie Ed's costume has a chain from his pocket, that usually has his watch... XD; Spectulate all you want.


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