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MANDAFIC: something for everyone!

Well, almost. I'm getting there.

Title: A Cold Wind Today
Author: Manda
Category: General/Angst
Pairing/Warning: Roy/Ed
Spoilers: Episode 15
---> go

Title: Revenge on the Colonel
Author: Manda
Category: Crack
Pairing/Warning: Ed/Roy, Liza/Roy and special guest pairing!
---> go

And this last one, I need anyone's help with....I wrote three Liza POV takes on aspects of Roy's personality. However, I have no idea what to title them as a series, or if I should even title them as a series...or if I should write more...winner or best suggestion-giver gets...cookies? A fic? Something.

Title: Ambition, Overconfidence, Regret
Author: Manda
Category: Roy character study! (Yay Yay)
Pairing: slight Liza/Roy
---> go (warning: they're only separated by double-line breaks, that's why we suddenly jump into a new narrative, because I'm not "formally" putting these out yet.)

Comments, including criticism, are so very welcome.

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