Donovan (chrononuriko) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Shounen Gangan's Episode 45-48 Titles and Synopsis.

Taken from the animesuki forums, I noticed that it hadn't been posted here yet, so yeaaaah...

Obviously it'll have spoilers, though in the form of very vague super quick summaries about episodes that haven't aired yet...

Episode 45 : That which corrupts the heart
To be broadcast on : 21 August 2004

Hohemheim came to speak with Lyra to convinve her to stop her actions against Ed and gang.

However Lyra refuses to comply and the look of suspicion surfaces on her face while they were talking about the birth of the Philosopher's Stone 400 years ago and about the Gate.

Episode 46 : Human Transmutation
To be broadcast on : 28 August 2004

Al visits Tucker to enquire about the methods to use the Philosopher's Stone.

Tucker who has not given up trying to regrow Nina, demands an equivalent trade for the information. It looks like Al who has become the Philosopher's Stone, might be forced to submit or something......

Episode 47 : Homunculus Sealed
To be broadcast on : 4 September 2004

Ed tries to get to Al in a hurry, trying to cut his way past Wrath in a violent fight.

On the other hand, Alphonse is looking in terror upon the figure of Sloth who appeared before his eyes.

A split second before the shocked-into-inaction Alphonse could be taken away by Sloth, Ed appeared, clutching a bundle taken from Resembool...

Episode 48 : Farewell
To be broadcast on : 11 September 2004

On the snowy mountains lines a formation of soldiers, Armstrong sets them off towards Central, declaring that they are to gain control of Central Headquarters.

Among the tension filled army, Winry appeared in front of Ed and gang.

However, this meeting was just another trap...

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