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12 August 2004 @ 02:06 am
Predictions on episode 45 and On (SPOILERS)  
Dont hate me for this, its only what I see coming but...for one...Roy is at a High chance of death, I think this because the Fuhrur is plain evil and will show no mercy to those who know what they shouldnt. Also, The series is ending, so naturally, characters are going to die. Hoenhime will be killed as well, Of course, this is after Dante gets her information from him. Al will explain to Ed that he must kill sloth in order to recieve his body. I guess same goes for Ed and Wrath. If im right, I feel REALLY bad for Hawkeye....Also...I think hoenhime implies that Ed and Al are homunculi...but I dont think this should work if they can use Alchemy....Then again...maybe Trisha (the mom if your memory drew up a blank) agreed with her husband to transmute them into living beings at her cost (which is why she died, she may have traded something, imunity...Hell I dont know)Im most likely wrong, but if Im right....this story just gets worse an worse...For all our sakes, HOPE TO HIGH HEAVEN IM WRONG
Yuuki Hikari: StopTheRainyuukihikari on August 12th, 2004 07:46 am (UTC)
Yeah Roy won't die - they've been playing up his quest to be Fuhrer... they haven't/won't/can't kill off anyone who has that sort of critical role in the story. He's simply too important on all levels. The series isn't strong enough with simply Armstrong to lead the army - who hasn't displayed the leadership quality and subordinant support that Roy has. It makes no sense plot wise and it's bad for the story >3 Roy'll live!