Covertly Esperific (summerwolf) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Covertly Esperific
fm_alchemist keep myself sane after this month's GanGan teasers, can I ask you guys a few stupid questions? Story-bloopers-thing related. Not really spoilerific.

1. Okay. Psiren filler episode. There, we learn that Ed can indeed dry himself using alchemy. Likely case to be a messed up thing made by BONES....but since it's there, it's canon and why the heck doesn't Roy have something like that around his clothing somewhere?
2. This is just to confirm my suspicions here, because I'm not sure if my ears are working the Ura Hagane DVD extras, if anybody else's got it....there seems to be a recurring theme since Vol. 2 to Vol. 4 about Roy teasing (?) everyone about dating female!Alphonse. So. I listened right, or I listened wrong? (Because, this is like, canon yaoi if I listened right. And the minor Rizaness. Bwar.)
3. Episode 6, Ed's birthday is in early Winter, I think. It seems to be first snow. But before that....where's autumn? And where's Winter now? Ed's 16th birthday just passed, and we don't seem to see any snow...unless I remember wrong. (Yes, I know his birthday doesn't seem to be winter in the manga)
4. Random observation. Has anybody noticed that when Roy fights, he uses explosions when he's not serious (maiming, disabling, tournaments, et cetera) and when he's seriously killing things, he just roasts it (episode 13, 42)?

And a random observation.

In FMA, Alchemy is a science. So. In our world, in one of our sciences, one basic equation happened to be F=ma.

I just thought it's amusing when I flipped through my old highschool notes. XD

And I'm positively convinced now that the FMA games are legit AUs in their own right.

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