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12 August 2004 @ 12:44 am
Theory's about Hoenhime (SPOILERS)  
Well, He is definatly over 100 years old, this im sure of (I dont know why though, so I could be wrong) But you can somewhat tell because of the expression on his face. its the expression of a person who has lost everything and is living a meaningless life. Also, He hasnt aged, why? I think its because he transmuted the philosophers stone and got immortality, or that he preformed human transmutation and in effect, loss his ability to age. I believe he went to rizenpool to cure his wife (he was away for a long time so i dont think he knew she was dead, he may be acting though)but in effect, found that she, and the parents of Winry to be dead. So he is looking for Ed and Al for reasons I dont know, most likely to see them and find out if they are Ok....Im only up to episode 43 (getting 44 now) because I've been busy lately....(Final Fantasy XI)
silver_arm on August 12th, 2004 02:05 pm (UTC)
Up until episode 43, I had been very much one of the people crying: "Hoenheim is evil! He's behind all of this! Kill him!"

But after watching 43, I'm very confused and torn. Clearly something about him isn't right due to his age, and I'm not entirely sure that he is even human. We've seen a lot of people in FMA who are not entirely human, after all: chimeras and homunculi spring to mind. I don't want to say definitively that Elric Sr. is either of those, but his apparent lack of aging seems to indicate it. Although, can such a thing have offspring? And, if so, what does that make Ed and Al? It would explain their remarkable innate ability for alchemy, at the very least.

I'm just tossing around my own theories while episode 44 is downloading. I kind of like your own as well, though. Can't wait to see if 44 lends credibility to either of our speculations.